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Some brands, however, have advantages over others, such as the varying ability to detect THC, thereby limiting false negatives, an optional alcohol panel, and updated and multi-drug panels (up to 12 panels) just to name a few.

All brands come in boxes of 25 or 100 per case which is the most economical way to purchase tests. The price is determined by the brand you choose, and quantity ordered. Several pricing options are available for every budget, including annual purchasing plans. Training and consulting will be available as needed at no charge. In addition, DTA will replace any oral test that does not perform to manufacturer's standards at no charge.

HR personnel are experiencing the preferred and numerous well-documented advantages of using secure and tamper proof MDS PM Oral while increasing productivity of their staff and realizing cost savings for their company.

The MDS PM Oral is more accurate, easier to read, detects THC better, and simply is superior to any other oral test on the market. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-9- THC) is the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

One Step Multi-Panel Drug Test

Advanced MDS PM Oral Drug Tests Are:

  • Best Performing Oral Test to Detect THC (Delta-9-THC) & Opiates
  • Easy to Read & Convenient for Administrators
  • The Lowest Cut-Off
  • User-Friendly & Non-Invasive
  • 1-Step Process with No Mess (Easy as Taking Your Temperature)
  • Includes a Built-In Saliva Indicator
  • Rapid Results within 5 Minutes
  • Secured Specimen, No Substitution, No Adulteration or Gender Observation
  • Up to 10 Drugs on Panel Options including Alcohol
  • Saves Time & Money
  • Perfect for 2nd & 3rd Shifts

The advanced, Instant MDS PM Oral drug test has unique advantages compared to all other brands.